Sanal POS
Utilize various payment options

Receive online payments just with a single contract and integration

Moreover, you can have offer installments for all local cards

What we are offering?

  • While you can receive payments through PayU’s single payment page, you can also create a custom payment interface for your own website by using our APIs.
  • You can have offer installments to credit cards belonging to these six contracted banks’ loyalty programs: Bonus, World, Axess, CardFinans, Maximum and Paraf.
  • With our PCI DSS certified payment page, more than a hundred and fifty advanced fraud filters and 24/7 working expert anti-fraud team, you can eliminate potential damage.
  • By using PayU Administrator Panel, you can instantly access your financial and administrative reports and monitor sales, product and promotion performances.
  • In addition to receiving payments via credit and debit cards, you can also reach new and different customers with Nakit Öde, mPOS, real time money order and BKM Express products.
  • Your balancing report file for all the banks you work with will be in a fixed format, so you won’t have to work on reports in different formats for each different bank.

Hemen şimdi başvurun!

Tek bir entegrasyon ve sözleşmeyle hemen online ödeme almaya başlayın. %3'ten başlayan komisyon oranlarıyla taksitli satış yapın.

How it works?


When your customer chooses the payment option, they will be directed to PayU's Single Payment Page or to the payment page you customized with our API.


Once your customer selects the appropriate payment option, they will fill in their information and make the payment.


The transaction will be reviewed by PayU and upon approval, your customer will be informed that the transaction went successfully.

Work with the lowest commission rates

  • You can work with low commission rates starting from 2,5% including all taxes with PayU, and you will never encounter unexpected additional costs.
  • Our annual fixed service cost is 630 TRY. You can transfer this amount to PayU’s bank account, or you can use your credit card, debit card or BKM Express as well. Moreover, you can pay this amount in 12 montly payments without any interest charged.
  • Payments are made each Friday.* If it is not a business day on Friday, your balance will be deposited in to your bank account in the first following business day.

* The payment period may vary depending on the business model.

Yurt dışına açılın

PayU ile dünyanın farklı ülkelerine farklı döviz kurları üzerinden satış yapabilirsiniz.

USD, Euro, Sterlin ya da Ruble üzerinden yaptığınız satışlar için ek bir komisyon ödemeden, satışı yaptığınız döviz kuru üzerinden ödeme alabilirsiniz. 

Ayrıca yurt içi ve yurt dışı kartlar için aynı komisyon oranından yararlanırsınız. 

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You can immediately start receiving payments through credit cards, debit cards, money orders and BKM Express only with a contract and a simple integration.