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I want to work with PayU

How can I apply?


You can apply to become a PayU partner by filling out our application form. Before submitting the application form, we recommend that you review our terms and conditions

I would like to have information about the terms of application.

You can access the application terms and conditions for partnering with PayU on this page.

We would like to remind you that you must be a taxpayer to become a merchant. Your site must also be actively operating in order for your application to be evaluated. If your site is not active, we kindly ask that you create a test account and share the username and password with us.

To evaluate your application properly, we need to see your working principle on the website and perform tests. If your site is active, we should definitely be able to access the product page, the payment stage, the price and the images. The return policy, contact, and the user agreement pages must be present on your site.

I want to know about the status of my application.

For security reasons, information about the status of your application cannot be provided via phone. Once we have received your documents, your application will be assessed and you will be notified within seven business days at the most.

Once your application is concluded, the system will send an e-mail address you provided in the application form. If you have not received your e-mail, please check your Spam folder.

If you have sent your application documents without any important information lacking and if it’s already been more than seven business days, please contact us at destek@payu.com.tr.

Where can I get information about the integration?

Technical integration documentation and sample codes can be found on the Developers page.

For your other questions about the integration, you can get support by sending an e-mail to destek@payu.com.tr. Our technical unit will review your request and will respond shortly.

I would like to have information about the supported software

PayU integration works on the common protocol of the internet, regardless of a programming language or a platform.

You need to contact the people you receive software support from to make sure that the software you are using has support for PayU integration.

I would like to have information about 1Click Payment

Thanks to 1click Payment, customers who shop on your site can now complete their payment in one click without entering their card information on their next purchase.

With 1click Payment, which allows your customers to complete their purchases quickly and easily, you will decrease your cart abandonment rates, and increase your conversion rates and sales. After your customer completes the transaction, they will be asked if they want to store their card information. If the customer agrees to save the card information, their next transaction will complete without the hassle of entering the card information again.

I would like to have information about Recurring Payments

Managing regularly occuring payments is now easier than ever with Recurring Payments.

If you are working with a subscription model or are collecting dues and donations, you can benefit from Recurring Payments service. In this service, your customers’ credit card information is stored in the secure PayU system. With the Scheduler infrastructure, recurring payments are collected without having to re-provide card information. Prospective planning can be done while the payment amounts can be changed.