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Virtual POS

You can immediately start receiving payments through credit cards, debit cards, money orders and BKM Express only with a contract and a simple setup.

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We have your back on POS integration, payment security, settlements, identification of BIN numbers of new cards and management of reward programs.

PayU API Codes

PayU Checkout

Meet PayU Checkout, which increases your conversion rates, making it the easiest and fastest way to get online payments.

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Akıllı telefonunuzu ya da tabletinizi POS cihazına dönüştürerek her yerde ödeme almaya başlayın.

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Chatbot Apps

By using the PayU infrastructure, you can get 24/7 online payments from 2.2 billion Facebook users all over the world.

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1Click Payment

With 1Click Payment, you can store your customers' card information so they can shop faster the next time. You can increase your conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

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Recurring Payments

If you are receiving payments through subscription systems or if you have periodic collections, our Recurring Payments service is there for you.

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BKM Express

Thanks to the integration of PayU and BKM Express, you can give your customers the option to make payments through BKM Express and reach millions of new customers.

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With ComPay integration, you can reach new customers who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use it for online shopping and increase your sales.

Use PayU to increase your checkout conversion

Pay in Cash

Developed together by PayU and UPT, with "Pay in Cash", you can offer your customers the ability to shop online without a card and account information.

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PayU ve Ganipara işbirliğiyle web sitenizi hemen açıp, e-ticarete başlayın!